Monday, April 13, 2015

Cleveland's House Muskoka

Cleveland's House, Lake Rosseau - copyright Gabriele Wills
Here are some of the same islands as seen in last week’s photo, but from a different perspective – looking east instead of south. This is the waterfront at Cleveland’s House, the oldest surviving Muskoka resort.

Because 19th century settlers on these lakes discovered that their free land was mostly rock and not conducive to farming, they soon began renting out rooms to adventurers seeking a wilderness holiday. Many of the 100 inns and resorts that once populated the three large, interconnected lakes – Muskoka, Rosseau, and Joseph -  began as farmsteads, as did Cleveland’s House, founded by the Minett family in 1869. 

In my novel, Under the Moon, I loosely based the Seafords’ “Pineridge Inn” on Cleveland’s House, and located it where the Shamrock Lodge sits.

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